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CARLIN PROPERTIES, INC. enjoys a good relationship with many financial institutions specializing in asset recovery and disposition of those properties.

CARLIN MANAGEMENT CORP an affiliate of CARLIN PROPERTIES, INC. offers full service of management for both residential and commercial properties.


CARLIN MANAGEMENT CORP provides professional Commercial Residential Property Management since 1992


Advantages of home ownership

A significant portion of your mortgage, interest and property
taxes–a substantial part of your monthly payments are tax deductible.

There’s no better financial investment than ownership! It’s the best hedge against inflation. Your “guarantee” of the increased value of real estate is the only commodity in the world which is absolutely limited in supply. The growth in population constantly increases its demand.
Rome ownership is a primary goal in the American success story. In no other country in the world do so many of the citizens own private property. Home ownership provides both financial and personal satisfaction. By making this investment now, an investment in your future, you or your family can expect a significant return throughout the years. 

You choose the style of the structure, landscaping, colors, furniture and decor. Since you are the “Landlord’ the freedom to arrange or rearrange things to suit your needs is limited only by your creativity and imagination.

Your home is the place where you can enjoy the many facets of your lifestyle. It can be a center of activity or a quiet refuge. It’s much more than a place to eat and sleep; your home is an integral part of your lifestyle.

Security and knowledge go hand in hand with home ownership. Your feeling of security will be enhanced by the knowledge that your home, a major investment of a lifetime, is a safeguard against inflation. As time passes, a smaller share of your earnings will go toward this housing expense. Owning a home is the beginning of financial independence.

You establish roots because your home makes you a part of the community. Your neighbors are homeowners, too, often with backgrounds much like your own.


  1. A REALTOR has ready buyers for your property.
    Real estate is a full-time business and your REALTOR works full time to secure the best price from the many prospective customers in his file.
  2. A REALTOR knows market value. When your property is priced right for the market, you can expect fast action—and full value. A REALTOR knows market value because he stays abreast of all real estate sales transactions as well as economic and social factors which affect property value.
  3. A REALTOR provides referral service between cities. A REALTOR understands the complexities of selling your property in one city and buying in another–he can make that move easier. Within their local real estate boards or through lnter-City cooperation, REALTORS work together in your best interest by referral of clients and sharing of information.
  4. A REALTOR synchronizes your “buy and sell” transaction. Timing means money and convenience to you. Your REALTOR will do his best to synchronize your buy, sell, or outright trade transactions by simultaneous closing.
  5. A REALTOR is an expert in finance counseling. Your REALTOR knows where the money is–for mortgages, secondary financing, FRA or VA loans, or home improvement loans. He will assist you in obtaining the best financing possible and help you to make application for that financing.
  6. A REALTOR knows the best method of selling or buying property. The techniques of real estate sales, exchange, guaranteed sales, and trade are his everyday tools–he will advise which method is the best for you.
  7. A REALTOR knows real estate tax laws. With this knowledge, he will suggest the most advantageous tax position for you by structuring your transaction and making you aware of tools such as discounted cash flow, leverage, and depreciation.


I will work for you full-time, as your professional sales associate, to sell your house for the highest possible price, in the least amount of time, using my expertise to make this a smooth and pleasant transaction.


Some basic facts to consider when selling your home.

There are really only two factors to consider in selling real estate: Price and Exposure. Some where is someone who will buy a property in a certain area and at a certain price.

Selling or buying a home is often the biggest single decision a person can make in a lifetime. Be absolutely sure that you want to sell and know what you will do and where you are going when it is sold.

The next big step is to set the price. It has to be set at what the market level is not at what you would like to get.

If a property is priced right for a certain area, it will sell quickly for the simple reason that you have eliminated the buyer’s biggest weapon-negotiation.

Your best selling tool, therefore is a written appraisal. If you sell your property through a real estate agency, they will assist you in obtaining an appraisal. This is called a market analysis. The most important feature of this analysis is the “comp” or comparison.

Selling your home can be a very complex, difficult and time consuming process. Unless you are very experienced in real estate we highly recommend that you use the service of a professional Real Estate Agency.

One important thing to remember before you put your house up for sale: First impressions are very important. Make sure that your property is clean and neat-inside and out. When a person drives up, the first impression can make or break the sale. Peeling paint, uncut lawns and shrubbery and unkempt rear yards  are a definite no-no. It should also go without saying that the interior should be clean, neat, and freshly painted.

To MARKET your house, I will:
Submit detailed facts, highlighting your houses best features, to the Multiple Listing Service, other area brokers, sales associates and serious prospective buyers. I’ll send direct mail listing announcements to surrounding communities and neighborhoods.

Promote your house to everyone I meet personally or professionally

Place a full description on our website.

In SHOWING your house, I will:

Consider all prospective buyers, qualify them in advance (if mine) and counsel them in every possible financial alternative.

Carefully follow up on anyone who previews your house.

Counsel you on all offers and negotiate the best possible price for you.

To INFORM you, I will:

Provide you with a written copy of any documents you may sign.

Explain in detail all instruments, transactions and procedures.

Accompany you to settlement, counseling you through the entire process.

To help you FIND your new home, I will:

Use my marketing and financial expertise to present every option and financial alternative in buying a new home.

Contact our cooperating broker, if you are moving to a new area, coordinating the sale here with the buying of your new home there.

Mutual loyalty contract



  1. Be frank so that your associate can help you. Always tell your associate the truth about your needs, your budget and your reaction to each property.
  2. Only make appointments and inspect homes with your designated associate. Through Multiple Listing Service, your associate can show you any home in the entire area.
  3. Call your associate if you see a For Sale or Lease sign advertisement that interests you. Your associate can generally obtain more information on the property from a fellow Realtor or owner, and, save you valuable time.
  4. Please go to Open Houses with your designated associate. By going alone, you will have to transact business with the Open House agent, thus eliminating your associate from helping you, even though your associate may have spent many hours accommodating you. You lose the valuable expertise and dedication of your associate to your needs.
  5. Only take the advice of a professional. Everyone is interested in Real Estate. Your friends and business acquaintances will make many suggestions about where to live and which house to buy or lease. Though they mean well, remember you are working with a Professional whose job is to satisfy your needs.
  6. Nothing inspires a Professional to seek and find the home of YOUR choice more than knowing you are relying on him or her completely. Only use the services of one Realtor.




Your Agent

Your Realtor is an experienced professional who will be able to view your home objectively and make suggestions that will improve the appearance of your home and its salability.

Preparing your home for showing

Once you’ve decided to sell your home, there are a number of things which you can do to help get the best possible price in the shortest amount of time.

Your Realtor is an expert in marketing homes. However, selling your home is a joint effort with you playing an important role in the final results. Your major role is to make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

Remember that first impressions count. You should do everything you can to make that first impression a positive one. People who consider buying your home will be as critical as you are in searching for a new home.

Take an inspection tour of your home, observing it as a potential buyer would. Take note of any minor repairs and painting that need to be done.

Here are some tips from your Realtor which have proven invaluable to home owners in preparing their homes for showing.


Since the exterior of your home will be the first thing a prospective buyer sees, it is very important to create a good first impression.

  1. Keep the lawn trimmed and edged. Weed and cultivate flower gardens. Trim shrubs and eliminate dead trees or branches. Pick up any debris, toys and lawn equipment.
  2. Repair any fences and gates. Give them a fresh coat of paint, if necessary.
  3. Is the exterior well painted, the roof in good repair, as well as gutters and downspouts?
  4. Wash down driveways and sidewalks. Check them for cracking and crumbling.
  5. Replace any cracked windows and torn screens.
  6. The entrance should be clean and in good condition.

Start with a full housecleaning from top to bottom. Don’t let dirt and clutter obscure your home’s good points. Discard unused and unnecessary items in storage area and closets.

  1. Walls should be clean and free of smudges, fingerprints and dents. Consider a fresh coat of paint if a good washing doesn’t do the trick. Inspect woodwork and wallpaper for problem areas.
  2. Arrange furniture to make each room appear more spacious and attractive. If a piece of furniture is badly worn, store it temporarily in attic or at your neighbor’s.
  3. Wash windows and sills until sparkling clean. Curtains and drapes should be freshly laundered.
  4. Shampoo rugs and carpets. Floors should be waxed.
  5. Repair loose doorknobs, sticking doors and windows, and warped drawers.
  6. Fix leaky faucets and eliminate water discoloration in sinks.
  7. Tighten loose stair banisters, and be sure steps are free of objects.
  8. Light fixtures should be in good repair. Replace discolored or cracked switch plates.
  9. Clean out closets to display their roominess. Be sure clothes are hung neatly and shoes and other objects tidily arranged.
  10. Bathrooms should be sparkling clean. Repair caulking in tubs and showers.
  11. Bedrooms should appear neat with attractive spreads and curtains.
  12. Clean and organize the basement, attic and garage.


Many families tend to learn to live with broken doorknobs and cracked windows. All of these little things should be fixed because no prospective buyer wants to do the things you have let stack up.

Use caution in planning major improvements that you think will enable you to get more for the house than you paid for it. Of course, an investment in a paint job where it’s obviously needed will be well worth the cost. The same is true with carpeting that is shabby enough to he a turn-off.

Most people out shopping for a house would rather plan their own major changes, and you are usually wiser to sell them the potential at a price they can afford.


  1. The television and radio should be turned off. Let the salesperson and buyer talk, free of disturbances.
  2. Send children and pets outdoors to play. This will eliminate confusion and keep the prospect’s attention focused on your home.
  3. Leave drapes open for light and airiness. If it’s evening, all lights should be turned on to give the room a larger appearance and a cheerful effect.
  4. Be sure the kitchen sink is free of dishes and rooms are uncluttered.
  5. Be courteous but don’t force conversation with the potential buyer. They want to inspect your house– not pay a social call.
  6. Never apologize for the appearance of your home. After all, it has been lived in. Let the trained salesperson answer any objections.
  7. The salesperson knows the buyer’s requirements and can better emphasize the features of your home when you don’t tag along. You will be called if needed.
  8. Let your Realtor discuss price, terms, possession and other factors with the customer. Your Realtor is better qualified to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion.



  1. First impressions are lasting. The front door greets the prospect. Make sure it is fresh, clean and scrubbed looking. Keep lawn trimmed and edged, and the yard free of refuse.
  2. Decorate for a quick sale. Faded walls and worn woodwork reduce appeal. Why try to tell the prospect how your home could look, when you can show him by redecorating? A quicker sale at a higher price will result. An investment in new kitchen wallpaper will pay dividends.
  3. Let the sun shine in-Open draperies and curtains and let the prospect see how cheerful your home can be. (Dark rooms do not appeal).

When selling your home, first impressions, can help make the sale

  1. Fix that faucet! Dripping water discolors sinks and suggests faulty plumbing.
  2. Repairs can make a big difference. Loose knobs, sticking doors and windows, warped cabinet drawers and other minor flaws detract from value. Have them fixed.
  3. From top to bottom. Display the full value of your attic and other utility space by removing all unnecessary articles,
  4. Safety first. Keep stairways clear. Avoid cluttered appearance and possible injuries.
  5. Make closets look bigger. Neat, well-ordered closets show that space is ample.
  6. Bathrooms help sell homes. Check and repair caulking in bathtubs and showers. Make this room sparkle
  7. Arrange bedrooms neatly. Remove excess furniture. Use attractive bedspreads and freshly laundered curtains.
  8. Can you see the light? Illumination is like a welcome sign. The potential buyer will feel a glowing warmth when you turn on all your lights for an evening inspection.


  1. Three’s a crowd. Avoid having too many people present. The potential buyer will feel like an intruder and will hurry through the house.
  2. Music is mellow. But not when showing a house. Turn off blaring radio and television. Let the salesman and buyer talk, free of disturbances.
  3. Pets underfoot? Keep them out of the way- preferably out of the house.
  4. Silence is golden. Be courteous but don’t force conversation with the potential buyer. He wants to inspect your house – not pay a social call.
  5. Be it ever so humble. Never apologize for the appearance of your home. After all, it has been lived in. Let the trained salesman answer any objections. This is his job.
  6. In the background. The salesman knows the buyer’s requirements and can better emphasize the features of your borne when you don’t tag along. You will be called if needed.
  7. Why put the cart before the horse? Trying to dispose of furniture and furnishings to the potential buyer before he has purchased the house often loses a sale.
  8. A word for the wise. Let your Realtor discuss price, terms, possession and other factors with the customer. He is eminently qualified to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion.
  9. Use your agent. Show your home to prospective customers only by appointment through your agent. Your cooperation will be appreciated and will close the sale more quickly.


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